Bring your Learning Online

with Airavata

Who Are We?

Our Purpose: ‘To Educate Through Entertainment’. We are commited to development of highest quality learning content.

Create Amazing Learning Experiences

Looking for an animated video that explains a complex concept? Whether It Is For Social Media Or Classroom Teaching, Our Content Does the Job.

Create Memorable, Exciting, And Game-Changing Learning

Our Content Solutions, Based on Scientific Learning Models, Help in Optimum Learning Outcomes For Your Learners.

Comprehensive Learning Tech Solutions

We Provide Tech Solutions to Take Your Learning Online. An App for your School or an LMS for your Employees, We Can Do All

What Are You Looking For?

We combine great storytelling, and technology
to create memorable, captivating online learning experiences.

Specialised Training & Education Videos

Video is a powerful way to tell stories, engage people and help them learn. They are also fantastic for helping to visualise case studies.

Customised Software Tutorials

Professional software training videos dramatically cut down training time and ensure a smoother adoption of software.

Interactive Learning Environments

Engage your learners with a range of learning activities which embed quizzes, immersion or repetition to create memorable learning experiences.


Games allow learners to practice how to handle difficult scenarios they may encounter in real world situations.

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